Post Guidelines

What Should I Write in a Summary?
Summaries explain the key points and conclusions of the selected content. It is not a “teaser” that merely names the subject and poses questions. An abstract is a short version of a longer work. It allows readers to quickly evaluate the source material and grasp its fundamental logic and conclusions. They are a tool to communicate succinctly. Take the time to understand your selected content. Use language taken directly from the source material if you like. Trim extraneous elements. Sharpen the focus. Crafting effective summaries is the major value proposition of TruthSum.

From Where Can I Pull Content?
Please find content from COG affiliated organizations; i.e. those that keep the Sabbath, the Holy Days, and understand the Plan of God they represent. Within that broad spectrum are peripheral doctrine and wrong attitudes with which we are not comfortable, but we can’t make policies and police this effectively. So please use prayer and discernment. If a friend asked you for answers about what you believe, would you be comfortable sending them to this organization for guidance?

What Subjects Should I Cover?
We are looking for fundamental doctrinal material; basic, 100-level curriculum for new comers. It should be accessible, preferably without heavy “church-speak”. But there really is no limit on what might be useful and effective. Please stick to the “trunk of the tree”. We want to avoid, as much as possible, the gray areas on the doctrinal periphery. Does the subject you are researching really matter to a new comer, or is this subject something they can deal with later? Avoid issues that are highly subjective. The editorial staff at TruthSum sticks closely to the doctrinal understandings established under Herbert Armstrong’s leadership of the WCG.

Can I Use Sermons and Bible Studies?
We are discouraging contributors from posting sermons, but there is no firm rule. Sermons and bible studies are typically prepared for an advanced, church-member audience. They cover more sophisticated content, frequently draw on “insider” context, and are presented in a format that does not appeal to the demographic we are trying to reach.